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So I spend my childhood, at least the chunk of it that contained Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, watching that nightly. And coming in to grade school and then middle school visibly beat from staying up too late watching TV, if you can dismiss that show! as TV. 

And so then Colbert pushes bedtime another half hour. And meanwhile the Internet makes it easier to watch all of it whenever. And then, the above show comes along. And it feels like the made-to-order extension of my political comedy-viewing life. Like I turned [age redacted] and the universe chucked it onto HBO for me as a freebie.

And so I figure who cares how many bad shows and movies and live comedy shows (christ, so many bad live comedy shows) I’ve sat through. Because for some reason, a golden age of satire dovetailed with the absolute pickle I found myself in of having to be alive.

(link to an excellent comedy segment I made all about me)

This whole segment was on the money … no pun intended.




We’re recording an interview with John Oliver this afternoon for you to hear on Thursday! Stay tuned. 

Note to self: Don’t forget to tune in!

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This cracked me up last night. Brilliant cold open and a hearty welcome back, Jon Stewart!



Gravity Falls

I watched episode 4 this morning and since then, I’ve watched the previous 3 episodes. Perfect mix of Scooby Doo, Twin Peaks, and conspiracy shows. And smart-alec-y kids caught up in something way bigger than they are. Plus, John Oliver voices Wax Sherlock Holmes in episode 3. That episode might be my favorite so far. But the rainbow-puking gnomes might take the cake. I love this show already or can you not tell?