Finished … mostly

I’ve finished watching all the EON-produced James Bond films. Which means I’m close to finishing the Bondathon. 2 more reviews … and a conclusion/wrap-up just in time for Skyfall … unless I can work in a quick Skyfall commentary at the end of the wrap-up, provided I can see an IMAX early release screening. We shall see.

But I probably will try to anyway. I’ve got Skyfall fever and the only thing that can cure it … is actually seeing Skyfall in full, not just trailers and TV spots and listening to the theme over and over and over and over again.

Wow. I’m kind of glad that this is close to being over and done with … but then I’ll need to find a similar project … or maybe a nice break will do me good.

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penguinhatgirl replied to your post: James Bond poll/survey

Whoops, I thought enter would make a space not send that. Anyway 1) Connery 2) Casino Royale 3) Uhh that one with Brosnan with the invisible car? I think that was Die Another Day possibly. I forget.

eiffel-69 answered your question: James Bond poll/survey

1)Connery.2)Goldfinger for SC, Live and Let Die for RM, The Living Daylights for TD, Goldeneye for PB, Casino Royale for DC. 3) QoS

bymulticolor answered your question: James Bond poll/survey

1) Pierce Brosnan

Danke, all! Keep the responses coming if you can and spread the word!

P.S. Dani, I so agree on #3. And probably #2, but I need to finish the viewing portion to fully decide.

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James Bond poll/survey

Please answer all three questions A.S.A.P. (within the next week or so). Also, please restrain your answers to the EON Production canon films.

1) Who is your favorite Bond?

2) What is your favorite Bond movie (overall or from each actor)?

3) What is your least favorite Bond film (again, overall or from each actor)?

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