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FIZZYLIMPICS! (please read and share this)


Hello, everybody! So tomorrow (probably today for most of you) I plan on making a video to this effect, but I wanted to get you all in on it before such time.

As many of you have asked throughout the year, YES I plan on doing the Fizzylimpics again - this time during the real Olympics!

If you’re new to Limonshire or just a casual passerby (hello! nice to meet you!), the Fizzylimpics is a video-making competition on my channel which I did last year with a certain amount of success.

I would like to make this year’s even bigger and better, so I would love it if anyone out there would share it. Even if you do not want to make a video, I would appreciate you encouraging others to make videos! This can really help us all find new, high-quality content creators that we hadn’t heard of before.

ANYWAY. On to the competition. There are six events happening at three-day intervals during the 18 days of the Olympics. Here is what you need to know:

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Hm … I might have to enter this week’s Bondathon video in the Vlog category …