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desertislanddream said: Jason! I had no clue the Anglerfish existed! It is really awesome you are a part of it. I'm reading it now. =)

It’s a new thing that a bunch of NY Nerdfighters (and a number of other Nerdfighters) created over the course of a month or two (accruing staffers, planning the first issue/regular features, etc.). I think that EffYeahNerdfighters reblogged a promotional submission last month. Next issue should be out in late January. ^_^



desertislanddream replied to your post: So, who wants to talk Batman/TDKR?

Cat woman was my favorite moment.

All the Selina Kyle things? I was sold during her first interaction with Bruce.





desertislanddream said: I have a cute little android phone. I forget what it's called, but it's got internet and all that. The main reason I have my phone is because Dan and I can text through Facebook without it being a ridiculous amount of money. Although, that is not the only reason I like it. As you said, the applications are great. I love having a good camera on my phone. I can send Dan pictures of stuff that I'm doing. And it makes communication with my friends in America easier. Smart phones are great.

Danke, Cait! ^_^ Any other details about the phone would be greatly appreciated, as I’ve looked at some of the models available on Verizon’s site and not all of them appear to be up my alley …