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Review: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' - Monday Morning Matinee

Tumblr, I think I neglected to share my ‘Guardians’ review from last weekend with you! It’s been a busy week .. and I need/want to see the movie again!



‘The German Doctor’ reveals the same inhumane Mengele

Got another film review up, and this one’s a (fictionalized) look at a part of Mengele’s life on the run in 1960 Argentina.



‘Jewish Cardinal’ examines the conflict of dual religious loyalty

And here’s another review!



Review: 'Draft Day' is Fan-Pleasing Product Placement

Review: 'Oculus' - Gillan Vs. Mirror - Monday Morning Matinee



Darren Aronofsky adds psychological depth, little else to ‘Noah’ —

One review down, three still to go (that will be spaced out through this week).



Review: ‘Prisoners’ – Simple Plot, Tense Drama, Big Twists - Monday Morning Matinee

I don’t think I’ve linked this review here yet, but I finally got a review of ‘Prisoners’ up on Monday Morning Matinee within about a week and a half of seeing it. I know, timely, but I’m getting better at doing this sort of thing in a timely fashion. Next up is ‘Don Jon’, hopefully in the next few days. Not reviewing ‘Gravity’ there ‘cause we’ve already got a review up. Might do one for ‘Smashed’, which I just finished. But anyway, I need some quality sleep.



Jason'€™s Take: '€˜Man of Steel' Soars, Yet Whelms | Filmtastic

If I haven’t explicitly mentioned it here, I’m part of a film blog that a friend started, and I finally got around to posting a ‘Man of Steel’ review earlier today (well, scheduling it to go live … but that’s of no consequence. Anyway, take a read and leave a comment with your thoughts!



Briefly On: The Innkeepers (2011)

Things I Liked About Ti West’s 2011 ‘The Innkeepers’

  • Creepy old hotels.
  • Well-executed uncut shots with or without dollying.
  • Playing with diegetic sound (voice recorder and headphones).
  • Questioning the reality of the paranormal.
  • The score.
  • Relatively unknown/small-time actors and actresses (including a small appearance from Lena Dunham, of all people).

Things I Didn’t Like About Ti West’s 2011 ‘The Innkeepers’

  • A slow build. Things start to get all haunt-y in the last … 30 to 40 minutes of the film. And being a horror movie, you expect more scary ghost things rather than a few jump scares (but one or two are legitimately eerie things) during the first half or so of the film.

So, while I’m not usually one for horror films, I enjoyed this one overall because of how it kind of played with conventions yet didn’t at the same time. It felt, well, real despite whether or not the haunting was real (in the context of the film) or hallucinations.

7.5 out of 10



The Week and “Drive”

*clears throat* Yeah … absences … it happens … and so do continued catch-ups … making slow-ish progress, toggling between the catch-up of the last week-ish starting today and the continued catch-up from the previous week …

Anyways, things are *interrupted by fire alarms going off* … things have been going smoothly. After helping out with emergency broadcasting last Thursday and Friday (and getting into Pottermore and working through book 1), I took the weekend to catch up on homework (which I managed to get a good amount of done) and watched the new Doctor Who last Saturday. Fantastic stand-alone episode. Better than “Night Terrors”, in my mind.

The week has been progressing relatively smoothly. I’ve been taking care of more and more business at the station, being a board member and music director now. I’ve been doing fairly well with the readings for class, but I still need to finish up Robinson Crusoe and start on Pamela for my 18th Century Novels class.

And to end the week, Ryan and I went to see Nicholas Winding Refn’s newest film Drive. When I say Ryan, I mean my friend and apartment-mate Ryan, not Ryan Gosling.

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Back To The Future (1985)

Excellent! :D


Back To The Future (1985)

Excellent! :D