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Is this why my new Israeli housemate was asking me if there was butter in the ANZAC biscuits I bought?

Hm … butter wouldn’t factor into it. It’s a matter of whether the biscuits are leavened or not.



Did you arrange these on lolful purpose? Because “The Future of Stiff Adulting Pluto Files” (or should that be “Plutophiles”?) sounds awesome.
Um … no, that wasn’t planned. XD



flamingpineapplefruitdoll answered your question: Having a little fanboy moment here. Happens from…

Dude, you totally got your sass on!

Maybe a smidge … XD



flamingpineapplefruitdoll said: YES ALL OF THEM. Multipost!

*grumble* Fiiiiine.

  1. Hair.
  2. Neither.
  3. Maybe.
  4. Not really, but with my recent job, I tried to match or coordinate shirt and pant colors.
  5. Maybe a little tired and a little hungry.
  6. My plaid flannel shirt.
  7. I’d probably freak out.
  8. I feel like I had some dream within the last few days, but the last one I clearly remember is being used as the start of my NaNoWriMo novel. I walk across a tennis court and the instructor starts to heckle/pick apart my wardrobe.
  9. I kind of answered that with #5.
  10. Food. I think my mom’s making barbecue chicken for dinner.
  11. Not as much as I should, but I’ll say yes.
  12. Cole slaw.
  13. It’s been months …
  14. When I saw ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’. I won’t say why because of spoilers.
  15. Batman would be pretty bad-ass, but I don’t have the physique or emotional trauma … so maybe The Flash? Or The Doctor … because he’s a superhero in my book. XD
  16. I don’t quite know who hurt me the most in my life.
  17. Bite or lick. It depends. Usually bite then lick.
  18. Ugh, I can’t pick one!
  19. Overall, yeah.
  20. Yes. Plenty.
  21. Probably not.
  22. Rosi’s video response to Charlie.
  23. 3: Israel, Costa Rica, and Canada.
  24. Depends.
  25. Maybe.
  26. Nope.
  27. My upcoming black belt test, finding a job, stressing over finding a job, possible relationship things
  28. A few things, but I’ll keep them to myself.
  29. I don’t think so …
  30. Usually from the library.
  31. Aquarius
  32. N/A
  33. 1) I’m testing for my black belt on Friday (well, partially tomorrow, too). 2) I’m on my 90th book of the year (end goal of 100), even though I’m in the middle of a few others. 3) I miss a whole bunch of people who are still up at my alma mater. 4) I’ve seen 106 films this year to date with an end goal of 365, but if I get a third of the way to that goal, I’ll be pleased. 5) I wear a retainer at night.
  34. No white lights or anything, but I got a tortilla chip stuck in my throat once. And some grapes another time.
  35. Maybe a little.
  36. I don’t care as long as they taste like eggs.
  37. I might have one t-shirt somewhere …
  38. Yes.
  39. Yes.
  40. Mm … yeah.
  41. I wouldn’t. Yeah, not interesting there. XD
  42. Nah.
  43. I don’t really know who I admire. Well, there’s admire as an idol and admire as a person … In terms of “idols”, people like Guillermo del Toro, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman (among others, mind you) because of how they see the world and throw it back at us.
  44. I don’t remember. Childhood was 2 decades back or so.
  45. I’d run in and try to save her baby.
  46. I wouldn’t. They’re allowed to make up their own mind.
  47. N/A
  48. N/A
  49. There is no 49. It’s been skipped!
  50. I’d stop and keep an eye on it, but I wouldn’t take it.
  51. Of course.
  52. Yeah, no way.
  53. N/A
  54. I’m a skeptic … but more likely to favor the plausibility of ghosts than werewolves and vampires.
  55. Oh … good question. Maybe yes because I wouldn’t die until the Earth was incinerated or what have you but maybe not because all my loved ones would die … and there’s also the question of my physical and mental state.
  56. Um … I guess Charlie from ‘Perks’ because I’m still kind of on a ‘Perks’ binge. This is in terms of emotions/personality, not appearance.
  57. Maybe the 1960s or 1970s.
  58. Nope. Movie violence, I can handle. Seeing someone actually die on live television … probably not.
  59. No. It would be nice to be the president and all, but bickering in politics … eh.
  60. I wouldn’t.
  61. Live longer.



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