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Halloween Day

So, Halloween Day at camp is this coming Friday. I’m considering two possible costumes.
1) Shave all but the sideburns and faint stache, wear my collapsible top hat, and hand out small baggies of blue rock candy. And call myself Heisenberg.
2) Leave the sideburns and faint goatee, acquire a clip-on arc reactor or an arc reactor shirt, and go around saying that I’m Tony Stark.
… Yeah, costume 1 is probably a no-go because of the camp atmosphere and the fact that I wouldn’t want to give any of the bosses a bad taste. And if costume 2 doesn’t work, I could always wear my Batman shirt.



Westeros Times?

So, the first and second grade groups went on a trip to Medieval Times today. I’m a first grade counselor, so I went with my group. It goes without saying.
The trip went rather smoothly and the kids enjoyed themselves. I did, too, as it was a number of years since I was last there. However, I went in with more of a mature mindset … and also in an ASOIAF mindset, too.
Sadly, Ser Loras wasn’t a tournament participant, but I did spot the banners of Houses Stark and Lannister. Neither won, though. But on the bright side, there was no rebellion. Or incest.