Anonymous asked:

Are you going to vlog again?

Late to the Game Answer:

Thanks for the concern, Anon! Yes, I’ve been formulating things here and there and I’m planning on vlogging again, but it’s been a matter of timing and video topic(s). I’m hoping within the next month or two.

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NEW VIDEO! The Clone somewhat nicely recaps my summer … while I’d rather eat a bagel and read Mashable. That’s life.


So, I’m vlogging again … which may or may not have something to do with a pestering clone … or just a desire to get out of a non-creative slump/rut/period of playing Candy Crush and bingeing on ‘The West Wing’ and doing little reading … Anyway, I’ve got things planned (more like flying by the seat of my pants), so stay tuned!

Also, anyone have any topic suggestions for upcoming videos?

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Back into the vlogging swing with a bite-sized video about TV binging, specifically ‘Breaking Bad’.

Q1: What are some of your TV binging records?

Q2: What are some of your reasons for TV binging? Why?

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New vlog: In which Jason walks around the house and talks to a constantly moving camera about how he doesn’t like being pigeonholed based on interests and what have you. So, online niches. Discuss! Yea or nay, and why?

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